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Vasectomy Risks and Complications

Any surgery carries the risk of infection or swelling to some degree. The No Scalpel Vasectomy is known for its reduced chance of bleeding. Occasionally, with any type of vasectomy a small hematoma (pocket of blood) can occur.

Other Risks
  • Congestion of sperm may cause some aching in the area of the testicles for several weeks after vasectomy. Like a granuloma, congestion usually resolves over time.
  • Epididymitis is an inflammation of the larger tube behind the testicle that connects to the vas. It occurs in approximately 1% of patients. Antibiotics are used for treatment.
  • Antibodies are produced by the body in response to the absorbed sperm. The antibodies are not thought to be harmful but can make fertility difficult to restore later.
  • A sperm granuloma occurs in some vasectomies. The granuloma can be a hard, sometimes painful lump that is the size of a pea and may form over a period of weeks as a result of sperm leakage. The lump is not dangerous and can resolve over time.
  • Persistent testicular pain is fortunatelly rare under Dr. Benderev's care. The condition is sometimes termed "post-vasectomy syndrome" and may require additional surgery for any resolution.
  • Spontaneous formation of a new vas deferens connection (recanalization) through the scar tissue left by the vasectomy occurs very rarely. This can usually be detected by a semen test after surgery. Recanalization occurs in less than 1 out of 1,000 men (after a negative semen test has been performed at 6-12 weeks or longer after surgery).

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